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product arrow TSURUMI PUMP MODEL : OM 3

Price Rp 2.500.000

Tsurumi OM series
Made in Japan

Model: OM3
Watt: 150 watt
Daya angkat: maks. 7.5 meter
Max. Output: 11700 liter/ jam
Outlet Pipa keluar: 32mm
Kabel: 5 meter

The OM-series is a submersible semi-vortex pump designed for handling household wastewater and liquid carrying small solid matters. The semi-vortex pump design with moderate solids passage provides efficient performance for versatile applications. Liquid paraffin is used for the lubricating oil, which widens the application of the pump to decorative waterfalls, fishponds, aquaculture, etc.

• Made in a rugged, stainless steel
( 304) and FRP resin structure, it
is compact, light, and corrosion
and rust-resistant
• Anti-Wicking Cable Entry
• Dual-Inside Mechanical seal
• Oil Lifter ( Pat. Pending)
• Built-In motor Protection Device
• Compact and Corrosion Resistant
• Semi-Vortex Design
• Space-Saving

Application Examples:
• Fish Pond, Koi Filter Pump
• Garden water scenic features such as waterfalls and fountains
• Drainage of spring water and rain water from basements
• Sump and floor sump drainage
• Treated water in small-scale sewage purifications systems